Thursday, 8 September 2011

Lionel Richie studded concert in London over sick

Lionel Richie stopped recording his new album and a star studded concert in London on his way out after falling ill.

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the Dancing on the Ceiling hitmaker headline gig in Hyde Park on September 1, Live with other stars including Lenny Kravitz and Will Young.

But Richie has been battling illness, and has in order to postpone the recording session for the collection and presentation have decided to drop out of line.

BBC Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans told listeners of his morning show on Thursday:

“Due to illness, Lionel Richie will not be able to perform at Hyde Park as billed.

“As much as Lionel is distressed at cancelling this show for his fans and Radio 2, he would never allow himself to give less than 100 per cent excellence in performance.

“We talked to him in America yesterday, he said, ‘I’m sorry that I wont be able to make the concert on Sunday’. He was recording his new album, that’s also had to stop as well.”

In a statement, Richie adds, “The show has a fantastic line up and I was looking forward to joining the other artists on what promises to be a fabulous day of entertainment. To all the fans that bought tickets I promise to be back very soon and make up for it with something very special.”

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