Saturday, 28 May 2011

Lionel Richie scheduled to pay a visit children's hospital in Denver, Colorado

Lionel Richie took time out from the first week of the scheduled to pay a visit children's hospital in Denver, Colorado.

Richie had already signed a fundraiser for Denver Health and displayed on the Kids Child Life Zone for those with a special visit before the event.

Richie said, "This is proof right inside the room there. When you get around the kids and see their attitudes and what they look like, and they're getting better. This is exactly what you want. Just a little hideout. Let me tell you something. I am not a kid by far, but getting away from the needles and the hospital at any point would be just a relief, so I know they're relieved. It's just great."

Richie said that with today's youth are concerned is slightly different from those of 1980s.

Richie said, "Of course what completely threw me off guard is that I'm getting these wild screams as kids are running across the airport now and they go 'Oh my God. You're Nicole Richie's dad!' So you understand . . . if you gotta go that route, I'll go that route".

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