Friday, 24 December 2010

Lionel Richie "Dream" Now True: Hosting Daughters 'Day'; Nicole Richie, Joel Madden Wedding

Lionel Richie's "Dream" now true when he performed host at his daughter's Nicole with Joel Madden married kindly this month because he want at his home a children.
Richie 29 years old said, "It was magical". Madden, 31, added, "It was the best night of my life."

Nicole Richie star now agree that she exchanged vows at her father's house because hers father dreamed of hosting a fairytale wedding since buying the sprawling property.

Richie tells Britain's Hello! magazine, "When he moved into that house, my dad always told me and my sister Sofia that he wanted us to get married there. My dad loves his family and takes it very, very seriously. It's been his dream for his children to get married at his house surrounded by family and that's exactly what happened. He's a real family man."

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