Monday, 29 November 2010

Joel gets love advice from Lionel

For advice on his love life Joel said that he often consult to Lionel Richie.

Charlotte rocker who is engaged with Lionel daughter Nicole,the pair had two children,two-year-old Harlow and 14-month-old Sparrow.Despite their closeness, the 31-year-old singer has admitted he sometimes looks to others for help on how to deal with his fiancée.

He told People magazine,"Whenever Nicole is mad at me, for any reason, I call him... and I'm like, 'Listen, she's mad at me and I don't really know why.' And then he'll call her and he'll fix it and it's really nice having that".

Joel exposed that he also consult for Lionel in order to how to cope with children when he is far away from them for a long period of time.Joel admits he finds it is difficult to leave the house sometimes.

"It's hard to be away. It's the first time I ever questioned what I did because sometimes you miss moments and you're like, 'Is this worth it? Me and him [Lionel] have become best friends. We talk on the phone a lot. He's always gone and I'm always gone, but we... totally understand each other. He's been where I've been," Joel explained.

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