Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Fantasy Concept Album Lionel Richie To Release

Lionel Richie to release a new album based on the fantasy stories of C.S Lewis this summer.

A top rate he has assembled backing band of 8 musicians, which he has called The Wardrobe. Aslan, the first 11 song release by Lionel Richie and the Wardrobe is set for an August release, and is a concept album based around The Chronicles of Narnia. "They are books I've always enjoyed," he told us from his home in California, "I am telling the legend through song, and I intend to tour later in the year."Richie has also enlisted the help of various stars from the world of music. Lady GaGa is to play the part of the White Witch, Elton John is tipped to play Tumnus and Richie himself will take the role of Aslan. The roles of the Pevensie children are taken by Amy Winehouse as Lucy, Justin Beiber as Edmund, Lil Wayne as Peter and Susan Boyle as Susan. Reports that Snoop Dogg will portray Giant Rumblebuffin have yet to be confirmed. The forthcoming tour will feature a full length stageshow, but the recording artists are unprobably to reprise their roles for the tour, due to other commitments. Aslan by Lionel Richie and The Wardrobe is released through Caspian records.

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