Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Michael Jackson’s mum welcomes to tribute concert plans

London , (ANI): Michael Jackson’s mother Katherine has welcome the plans for an upcoming tribute concert for the King of Pop in Vienna, calling the show 'a wonderful idea'.

The September 26 show is being arranged by MJ’s elder brother Jermaine Jackson and it is accepted he has been trying to rope in many stars including Whitney Houston, John Mayer and Lionel Richie for the show. Over a million MJ fans have already requested for tickets online.World Awards Media, which is jointly arranging the concert with Jermaine, has released a hand-signed letter from Katherine Jackson, reports the Daily Star.Katherine writes: "An event of this attribute not only keeps Michael's spirit alive, more than that: It gives millions of fans the chance to experience his music and celebrate the life of my son. I am sure Michael would love it. I fully support Jermaine's attempt to spread Michael's important message of making a better world for us all... (I am) overwhelmed by the worldwide love and support that my beloved son Michael has received over the past month."The performers for the concert are anticipated to be named by the end of this month. Jackson, 50, had died on June 25 after bearing a cardiac arrest.

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